We develop software for muscular Human Computer Interfaces
using our cutting edge technology:

Myoelectric Digital Twin

Applications in …

Robotic Control

Improve AI performance for the control of bionic prosthetics, orthotics, and exoskeletons


Interface with your devices and virtual reality through movement

Medicine and Sport

Build new tools for diagnostics, rehabilitation, sport and movement science

What is Myoelectric Digital Twin ?

It’s the first and only software that is capable of simulating highly realistic, personalized datasets of electromyography (EMG) signals of arbitrary size and variability. Watch these short videos to see its potential.

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Why Myoelectric Digital Twin ?

Decoding and interpreting EMG signals requires building AI-based algorithms, which need to be trained on a large amount of high quality labelled EMG data. The only way to do it today – using real EMG measurements.

Acquiring real EMG data is expensive, the data quality is low and, most importantly, it usually can not be perfectly labelled.

Using our Myoelectric Digital Twin, we are able to generate arbitrary large datasets of synthetic EMG signals in a very fast and inexpensive way. The data has high variability and quality, and it can be perfectly labelled !

This data can be then used for training AI-based muscular interfaces

Our team

Kostia Maksymenko

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, PhD

Samuel Deslauriers

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, PhD

Franco Zivcovich

Research Scientist, PhD

Franco Fusco

Research Scientist, PhD


Rachid Deriche

Research Director at Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée

Computer vision – Signal processing – Medical imaging

Marina Repina

Founder & CEO – Green Together

Business strategy – Marketing – Networking

Scientific collaboration

Dario Farina

Professor – Imperial College London

Biomedical signal processing – Neurorehabilitation technology – Neural control of movement